Covid-19 and Drug Markets

How has the current outbreak of COVID-19 changed the way drugs are bought, sold and taken?

Take part in our short survey to help us understand what has changed. You are invited to fill out this survey if you are someone who takes drugs or you work with someone who takes drugs.

We want to know how the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19)  is affecting the supply of drugs. Have you noticed any changes?

Responding to this short survey will help give Crew an idea of how we can support people who take drugs with the best information during this uncertain and difficult time.

The survey is anonymous. Your responses will help us make sure we are offering the best information to people possible.

We have already released our month one summary!

For more information about how our services are affected by COVID-19 visit our website here. We’ve also put together some harm reduction information to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Worried about your drug use? Use the ‘Check it out‘ tool to do a bit of an assessment of your use of current drugs. As always, visit our Drugs A-Z for detailed harm reduction information about specific drugs.

Keep an eye on our social media accounts and website for updates as they happen.

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