Mission and values


To reduce drug and sexual health related harms and stigma, improving mental and physical health without judgement.


Accepting: non-judgemental, unconditional positive regard
Genuine: being genuine and real with each other
Empathic: walking in someone else’s shoes as if they were your own
Justice-focussed: acting to change the balance of power towards justice, equality and human dignity
Accountable: we trust in our courage to own mistakes and learn from them; we are realistic about what we commit to do, and we do it

Strategic Priorities

Visibility and influence – raise public awareness of Crew and our specialist expertise so that we develop our reputation as a trusted source of information, support and advice around reducing drug related harm in Scotland and beyond; effectively influence policy, legislation and practice.

Inclusiveness and social justice – be an accessible and inclusive community hub and a strong advocate for social justice and challenging stigma; widen access to our services and put the voices of people who come to Crew at the heart of service development.

Communications and digital – maintain and improve our online and physical resources and support; develop a stronger social multi-media presence targeted in particular to young people and decision-makers.

Fundraising and income generation – identify new sources of income, including digital fundraising, and increase our unreserved funds to sustain and develop our mission.

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