What we do

Crew offers professional training and Nightlife Harm Reduction services nationally; a Drop-in based in the city centre of Edinburgh in addition to a free person-centred counselling service. We can also connect you to a team of Expert Witnesses who provide court testimony in cases relating to drugs and drug use.

What we do

We provide free counselling for people concerned about their stimulant and other  drug use, for example cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy or amphetamines.

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The Crew Drop-in space is at 32 Cockburn Street in the centre of Edinburgh and is run by staff and volunteers. We also offer a Digital Drop-in service.

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We offer nightlife-focused harm reduction services including poster campaigns, consultancy work, information stands and welfare provision.

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Crew trains thousands of professionals every year across Scotland. We ensure all training is current and effective by working with and listening to people who take drugs, as well as a wide range of local, national and international partners.

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Crew’s team of Expert Witnesses provide reports and testimony on drug issues such as current street prices, trends, prevalence, methods of use, quantities and paraphernalia involved in substance use, cultivation and manufacture.

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