Our approach

stepped care model diagram

Step 1: Inform and Educate

  • ‘Brief Interventions’:  short, opportunistic conversations enabling participants to assess the impact of drug use, explore strategies for reducing potential harm and build up confidence to access services; at the Drop-in, or via Outreach events including music festivals. 
  • Training and capacity building to increase knowledge and understanding of drugs, emerging drug trends and effective strategies to engage.

Step 2: Advice and Care

Step 3: Therapy and Support

  • Person-centred counselling for people using stimulant drugs and people closely affected by another’s drug taking. We work with people to reduce, stabilise or stop their use according to their own goals. 
  • Complementary therapies which can relieve stress, anxiety, build coping and recovery strategies and promote better sleep. 

Step 4: Support Recovery

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