Crew is a harm reduction and outreach charity based in Scotland 

We neither condemn nor condone drug use: we exist to reduce harm, challenge perceptions and help people make positive choices about their use of cannabis, stimulant and other social drugs and sexual health by providing non-judgemental, credible and up to date information and support.

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Drug Market Update: Xylazine 

Xylazine Pronounced: zai-lah-zeen  Reading time: 5 minutes In this post…  What you need to know  What is xylazine?  Harm reduction  In an emergency  Administering naloxone 

Scotland’s First Drug Checking Services

Crew 2000 Scotland Response to the University of Stirling Scottish Drug Checking Project Research Launch 12/2/24 Reading time: 3 minutes Why do we need Drug

Drug Market Update: Nitazenes

Reading time: 4 minutes Synthetic opioid drugs called ‘nitazenes’ have been detected in the European and UK drug supply. There are many types of nitazenes including

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We provide free, confidential counselling for people concerned about their stimulant drug use, for example cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy or amphetamines.

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Visit our Drop In space on Cockburn Street for information, confidential advice, 1-1 support, free safe sex materials, BBV and pregnancy testing, DJ workshops and more!

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Our stimulating, accessible training is designed to to help you and your team build your understanding of drugs and related issues to reduce harm more effectively.

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Nightlife Harm Reduction

Crew provide Nightlife Harm Reduction at clubs and festivals to keep people safe and well by offering welfare, advice, harm reduction information and immediate crisis support.

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Expert witness

Our Expert witness team provide independent reports and testimony in drugs cases for the Scottish Court System.

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Check out our drugs A-Z to find out more about drugs and helpful harm reduction tips.

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