Crew drug reports

Crew are at the front-line of emerging drug trends in Scotland. We gather information from our outreach and welfare services at festivals and events, our professional counselling service, national training delivery and international partnership working.

All of this knowledge is represented in our resources and Drugs A-Z. We also produce annual reports on drug trends which we hope explain what is going on behind the statistics we see in the media and other published reports.

Below you can find reports published by Crew covering the emergence of New Psychoactive Substances in 2014 to the highest recorded drug related deaths figures in 2019.

NPS at Crew, Annual Report, 2014-2015

NPS at Crew, Annual Report, 2015-2016

NPS at Crew, Annual Report, 2016-2017

Drugs at Crew, Trend Report, 2017-2019

Drugs at Crew, Trend Report 2019-2020

Drugs at Crew, Interim Report on Drug-Related Deaths 2020

Drugs at Crew Trend Report 2021-2022

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