Thank you

We are thankful for the skill, tenacity, imagination and dedication of volunteers, staff and partners of Crew who continue to support our harm reduction work: 

  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs, Scottish Recovery Consortium, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Scottish Drugs Forum
  • Scottish Drug and Alcohol Partnerships, Edinburgh Psychological Therapies Alliance and Substance Use Network Edinburgh
  • Scottish Government Alcohol and Drug National Support Team and National Contingency Planning Group (drugs including alcohol)
  • Scottish Government Drugs and Psychoactive Substances Forensic Centre for Excellence Working Group
  • Health Scotland’s Monitoring and Evaluation of Rights, Respect, Recovery Group
  • European Nightlife Empowerment and Wellbeing Network (NEWNet) and Peer Education in Nightlife Settings (PINS) European Peer Educators’ Network
  • GSK IMPACT Award Winners Alumni Network and Cascading Leadership Programme Steering Group (facilitated by the King’s Fund)
  • Lothian Death and Harm Reduction Oversight Group
  • Public Health England National Intelligence Network and Drug Harms Assessment and Response Team
  • Scottish Drug Policy Conversations
  • Our Partners in YPSUS (Edinburgh Young People’s Substance Use Service): The Junction, Circle and the Adolescent Substance Use Service
  • SX Scotland
  • NHS Lothian Healthy Respect and Chalmers Centre
  • Barnardo’s Fit to Work project team at 525 Ferry Road
  • Dunedin Canmore Youth Projects team and young people in Oxgangs
  • Edinburgh, Napier and Heriot Watt Universities
  • LGBT Youth, Canongate Youth Project, Young Carers and all the youth support agencies we are proud to continue working with

Our funders:  

  • City of Edinburgh Council: Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug PartnershipCommunities and Families and NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service
  • Scottish Government: Substance Misuse Unit
  • The Corra Foundation, the Walter Scott Giving Group, the Tudor Trust

None of our work would be possible without our volunteers, a diverse group of people bringing deep knowledge, extensive experience and strong skills to enhance and develop our services to people in need. Crew volunteer peer educators provided 1,980 hours of work 2019-20. According to Volunteer Scotland this is the equivalent of 56.57 full time working weeks, which multiplied by the mean weekly wage for the City of Edinburgh (£623.30), gives an overall economic value alone of £35,261. We thank Julie Christie; Chris Sagar; our anonymous donors; the Walter Scott Giving Group; the M E Swinton Paterson Charitable Trust; the Robert Haldane Smith Charitable Foundation; the Irving Memorial Trust; the Souter Charitable Trust; the JTH Charitable Trust; the Isabella Memorial Trust; the James Inglis Testamentary Trust; the Harpan Trust; the Walker Family Charitable Trust; the Nancie Massey Charitable Trust, the Hospitality Industry Trust and the Place Hotels Group, Scottish Government National Alcohol and Drug Support Team, Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership, City of Edinburgh Council, Corra Foundation Partnership Drugs Initiative, The Kiltwalk and the Hunter Foundation  and the Tudor Trust.


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