Thank you

We are thankful for the skill, tenacity, imagination and dedication of volunteers, staff and partners of Crew who continue to support our harm reduction work: 

  • Scottish Families Affected by Drugs, Scottish Recovery Consortium, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, Alcohol Focus Scotland, Scottish Drug Forum 
  • Scottish Drug and Alcohol partnerships; Edinburgh Psychological Therapies Alliance; Substance Use Network Edinburgh. 
  • Drug Harms Assessment and Response Team. 
  • Scottish Government Alcohol and Drug National Support Team and National Contingency Planning Group (drugs including alcohol).
  • Scottish Government Drugs and Psychoactive Substances Forensic Centre for Excellence Working Group. 
  • Health Scotland’s Monitoring and Evaluation of Rights, Respect, Recovery Group. 
  • European Nightlife Empowerment and Wellbeing Network (NEWNet) Peer Education in Nightlife Settings (PINS) European Peer Educators’ Network. 
  • GSK IMPACT Award Winners Alumni Network and Cascading Leadership Programme Steering Group (facilitated by the King’s Fund). 
  • Lothian Death and Harm Reduction Oversight Group. 
  • Public Health England National Intelligence Network, Drug Harms Assessment and Response Team. 
  • Scottish Drug Policy Conversation. 
  • Our Partners in YPSUS (Edinburgh Young People’s Substance Use Service): The Junction, Health Opportunities Team, Circle and the Adolescent Substance Use Service 
  • SX Scotland  
  • NHS Lothian Healthy Respect and Chalmers Centre  
  • Barnardo’s Fit to Work project team @ 525 Ferry Road. 
  • Dunedin Canmore Youth Projects team and young people in Oxgangs. 
  • Kaimes School and the other 6 Edinburgh secondary schools we engaged with this year. 
  • Edinburgh, Napier and Heriot Watt Universities. 
  • LGBT Youth, Canongate Youth Project, Young Carers and all the youth support agencies we are proud to continue working with.  

Our funders:  

  • City of Edinburgh Council: Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug PartnershipCommunities and Families and NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service  
  • Scottish Government: Drugs Policy Unit  
  • The Corra Foundation, the Walter Scott Giving Group, the Tudor Trust  

We also thank Julie Christie; Chris Sagar; our anonymous donors; the M E Swinton Paterson Charitable Trust; the Robert Haldane Smith Charitable Foundation; the Irving Memorial Trust; the Souter Charitable Trust; the JTH Charitable Trust; the Isabella Memorial Trust; the James Inglis Testamentary Trust; the Harpan Trust; the Walker Family Charitable Trust; the Nancie Massey Charitable Trust and the Place Hotels Group. 

Join Crew on the Kiltwalk 2020

You can help Crew reduce more drug-related harm by joining us to walk the walk at any of the 4 Kiltwalk 2020 events in Scotland!
Go for it!