Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Crew. Volunteering at Crew can involve evening, weekday and/or weekend work, and a commitment to undertake minimum hours each month.

Volunteers are also asked to attend regular support and supervision sessions with their named staff member and attend quarterly forum meetings whenever possible as part of their commitment to Crew.

The absolute minimum commitment we need is 1 activity/shift each month. Ideally volunteers should offer at least 2 shifts each month

Please read the Volunteer Role Description before completing this form. If you’d like help  completing the form, please contact Crew on 0131 220 3404

Or you can download the volunteer application form as a word document

Volunteer Opportunities

Time commitment: Minimum one per month, ideally 2
Times: 4 hour shifts, Monday to Saturdays afternoons 13.00-17.00; Thursdays 15.00-19.00
Location: Crew Drop In, 32 Cockburn St EH1 1PB
Volunteer role description
Time commitment: Minimum once every 3 months
Times: One hour max between 9.30 and 17.00 weekdays
Location: Crew
Time commitment: Depending on event, fitting in with minimum commitment
Times vary:

  • Festivals: Thurs – Mon, 8 hr shifts max
  • Superclubs: weekends, till late

Location: Various, transport provided from Crew
Volunteer role description

Time commitment: Depending on event, fitting with minimum commitment
Times: Weekdays during the day
Location: Various
Volunteer role description
Time commitment: Once every 3 months
Times: Wednesday evenings 18.00 – 20.00
Location: Crew
Time commitment: All induction training (further training optional)
Times: Induction training: two day sessions & two evenings
Location: Crew offices, training room

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