Online Counselling Agreement

  • Agreement

  • This document will be used in conjunction with the Confidentiality Agreement you signed when you started your counselling at Crew, and the fundamental conditions of this will still apply. If you would like to see a copy of the standard Confidentiality Agreement, please ask your counsellor.

    In addition to the Confidentiality Agreement, the following conditions will now apply, due to counselling being based online:

    Hardware and Software

    • Online counselling, and any other online contact, will be carried out by your counsellor from a secure computer or device that will have anti-virus software installed. It will be locked with a password/pin/pattern that is only known to the counsellor and safely stored when not in use.
    • Online counselling (video sessions) will be carried out using Attend Anywhere - a secure, end-to-end encrypted platform that safely facilitates video calls. It was created for the NHS and is run by SFAD (indicated as Scottish Families on the platform) but neither organisation can see any information whatsoever about you or the video session and they cannot access the session at any time. Your counsellor has their own virtual counselling room and has control over who can access the room.
    • You will be required to enter a first name and last name at the beginning of the session. We ask that you use the first name your counsellor knows you by, and for your surname please enter the first letter of your surname. If you are not comfortable with this, please discuss this with your counsellor in advance of the session.

    You will also be asked to tick the box agreeing to the Attend Anywhere Terms and Conditions. Please only complete this, the first name and surname boxes and leave the boxes for date of birth and phone number blank.

    The information you enter into Attend Anywhere is purely there for your counsellor to see that you are in the room and is deleted when the session is finished.

    Written Notes

    • Your counsellor will take written notes after sessions and these will be stored in a lockable storage box.

    Confidential Setting

    • Your counsellor will carry out your online counselling sessions alone in a quiet room, with no risk of interruptions, that is sufficiently sound proofed to ensure confidentiality.
    • We ask that you endeavour to create a similar environment at your end, but we appreciate that this may not always be possible.
    • We ask that you are not actively driving a vehicle at any point during any of your sessions. It is fine to participate in sessions if you are in a vehicle parked in a safe place with the engine off.

    Video Recording

    • Your counsellor will not video record any contact with you, or any part of your sessions and we respectfully ask that you please do the same.

    Alcohol or Substance Use Before or During Sessions

    • If you choose to drink alcohol or take drugs before or during a counselling session, your counsellor will be required to end the session early, as it would be unethical for it to continue, particularly if you are unlikely to remember what was discussed. The next session will be scheduled as normal, with a standard reminder text sent the day before if required.
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