Transgender Rights June 2020 Statement

We stand with our transgender friends and colleagues and call on the UK Government to maintain its responsibilities under law to uphold and protect the rights of all transgender people.  

We are deeply concerned by recent media coverage suggesting that the UK Government is considering rolling back on its commitment on the rights of transgender people by proposing that trans people be excluded from ‘single sex space’. There is further suggestion that the UK government is ignoring the results of its own consultation on the Gender Recognition Act and the majority of respondents who support self-declaration of gender identity. If this is true, these policies would be a direct challenge to the existing Equality Act and a major backwards step in the Four Nations’ progress towards ensuring the rights, freedom and dignity of transgender people are protected. 

We know from our trans colleagues and friends how challenging it is for them to live their lives in the face of significant and persistent negative public comment and media attention.  Transgender people, including those who identify as non-binary, experience discrimination, social inequalities and structural oppression which results in them experiencing drug and other heath harms disproportionately. 

We maintain our commitment to the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter and are reviewing our existing Equalities and Stereotyping Policies in the light of this potential roll back of trans rights and our recognition of the reality of racism to keep challenging ourselves to work to widen access, particularly for those facing oppression and stigma.   

We also remain committed to working collaboratively with others to highlight why these proposals, if enacted, are wrong, unnecessary and harmful.  If you’d like to voice your concerns, please send an email to the Prime Minister asking him to protect trans rights via the Gendered Intelligence template here. #trustme 

Transgender rights are human rights. This should not be up for debate. We will continue to stand with our trans colleagues and friends and we want you to know that you are not alone. 

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