Tell us what you think of Crew

We want to hear what you think of Crew! We are planning our new strategy which will help us to decide what we should focus on for the next three years from 2020-23.

To make sure we are heading off in the right direction we need to know what you think of the way we do things now and the way we could do things in the future.

We have created two surveys – one for people who access our services like our counselling, drop-in, phone line or chill out spaces at night clubs and festivals; and one for people we work with when we deliver training or refer people on to other services.

If you are some one who has accessed any of our services please fill in this short survey to tell us what you think.

  If you are someone who has worked with us – attending our training, referring people to our service or using our resources in the workplace then please fill in this short survey. 

We are looking for all responses to be completed by 07th January 2020.