What Crew is doing in response to COVID-19

We wanted to update everyone on what we are doing in response to COVID-19.

To stay updated of any changes to our services during this time visit COVID-19 and Crew Services

We’ve created some resources that cover how to reduce the risk of it spreading including some resources for sex, drugs, mental health and well being in what can be a stressful time. Find our detailed web page here.

What we are doing

Our Drop-in

From Tuesday 5th January, we are continuing our Digital Drop-in at the usual opening times – Mondays to Saturdays 1-5pm except Thursdays when we open 3-7pm.

Our self-service kiosk is operating on Mondays from 1-5pm – we’re offering contactless pick up of FREE safe sex materials from our door-step kiosk.

To get in touch with the Drop-in team, simply drop us an email at dropin@crew2000.org.uk. You can also direct message us via Instagram @Crew_2000 or you can also drop us a text confidentially on 07860047501.

We are currently not able to offer blood-borne virus testing or pregnancy testing. To find out how you can access sexual health services in Lothian visit www.lothiansexualhealth.scot.

If you need support from another drug service or need to access harm reduction materials visit www.scottishdrugservices.com to find your closest service provider.


Our counselling service is not currently operating face to face sessions. Our existing counselling clients are now receiving distance counselling via the phone or an online video platform. We are open to new counselling referrals but we do have a waiting list. Please email referrals@crew2000.org.uk.

For information on other drug services please visit www.scottishdrugservices.com.


Looking for up to date training on drug trends, the impact of COVID and drug awareness? We are currently offering online training sessions. Get in touch with our training team by emailing admin@crew2000.org.uk. Our training and communications team are still working to create information on drugs, mental wellbeing and harm reduction – keep an eye on our social media, website and newsletter to stay updated.


Our outreach services are currently postponed. We hope to be out and about again soon and we will post any updates on our website and social media.

Expert Witness

Our expert witnesses will be following government advice but may be available for work that can be completed at home.

We will keep you updated on changes to our services through our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook – @Crew2000, Twitter – @crew_2000 and Instagram – @crew_2000!


For now, take care of yourselves and think about others.


Last updated 20/01/21