Safer Partying Ketamine Survey 2023

Crew have teamed up with Dr Karenza Moore at Newcastle University as part of the Safer Partying Research Project. Crew are supporting research into ketamine use and we would love to hear from you!

What is the Safer Partying Research Project? 

Dr Karenza Moore is a Reader in Sociology of Crime at the University of Newcastle has been researching nightlife, drugs and youth culture for almost 20 years.

Safer Partying is a study about the practices of young people who take ketamine and other drugs in party spaces. The aim is to translate research findings to key stakeholders, including drug charities and most importantly young people themselves. Safer Partying involves talking to young people about their drug use and relationship to drugs. This helps us understand ketamine use and reduce associated risks and harms.

What does the research involve?

There is an online survey that you can complete. The survey is anonymous. We are also hosting paired interviews where Karenza will chat to people in private about their drug use.

Who should take part?

This survey and the paired interviews are open to anyone who is 16 years of age or over.

How can we get involved?

You can fill in the online ketamine survey here:

If you would like to contribute to the paired interviews then you can message Karenza on Telegram @SaferPartying or message

07596239113. You can also ask in the Crew Drop-in for more details.

Why should I take part?

The research will help Crew develop our ketamine harm reduction information. It will also help us to understand how our services could be improved to make it easier for people who take ketamine to get support. Crew will be able to use the information to let other services know what they could do to improve support and information for people who take ketamine and anyone who might want to know more about how to support someone in their life who takes ketamine.

Project Information Sheets

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