Check-point at Crew

In the run up to European HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day, Crew are hosting SX at our drop in to bring you rapid blood borne virus (BBV) testing every Thursday in November from 5-7pm!

SX are a national sexual health and wellbeing charity for gay and bisexual men. They offer outreach, testing, counselling and support seeking to improve the health of men who have sex with men.

HIV and hepatitis are treatable. People who are aware of their HIV status can manage their health and take medication to achieve “U=U” – which means the virus becomes Undetectable = Untransmittable.

Rapid testing does what it says on the tin – the trained testers will take a small sample of blood by pricking the end of your finger. This will then be screened using advanced testing methods to get a result in 10-15 minutes. The SX team will then be on hand to chat you through your results and offer any information and advice about about things you might want to think about next.

Not able to make it on a Thursday in November? We offer standard BBV testing all year round in addition to access to free safe sex materials via C:Card.

Did you know PrEP is also available via the NHS in Scotland? PrEP is a medication taken to prevent the transmission of HIV and is available through sexual health clinics to people aged over 16 in Scotland. Find out more about PrEP by visiting

Find out more about SX here.