New Resources: THC Vapes and Psychoactive Drugs

We are excited to share two new resources published by Crew: our new THC vapes resource and our latest version of the Psychoactive Drugs booklet. 

Recent data from Crew’s safer nightlife survey showed a rising trend in vaping among young people, aligning with Census findings that up to 10.1% of 15-year-olds in Scotland may now regularly vape. After an increase in questions about THC vape products during our training sessions, we realised it was time to launch a new resource. So, on 420 we did! 

Our new THC vapes booklet covers: 

  • What a THC vape is and how it compares to other cannabis products. 
  • Potential health risks associated with vaping THC. 
  • Synthetic cannabinoids and how to test vapes to ensure they are what they say they are. 
  • Harm reduction tips and other practical advice on how to reduce the risks of using THC vapes. 
  • Advice for use in the event of a drug emergency and support for anybody who might be looking to cut down on their consumption. 


Our Psychoactive Drugs Booklet encompass a wide range of substances that alter the mind and behaviour. Our new resource provides detailed information on: 

  • A range of 16 different psychoactive drugs: their street names, appearance, legality and effects. 
  • Harm Reduction strategies: general harm reduction as well more specific information depending on the route of administration (how someone is taking drugs) 
  • How to spot an overdose. 
  • What to do in an emergency. 
  • Skills and techniques for brief interventions and signposting for support. 

To share, download, print for free or order copies of these resources, please visit our Get Our Stuff page or email us at for more information.