Check Your Kit – Missing Needles in Naloxone Boxes

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a Class 4 Medicines Notification to anybody who supplies and possesses a naloxone kit that some kits may have been supplied incomplete. There is a concern that some kits may not contain two needles for administration. All naloxone is safe for administration.

If you or anyone you know has a naloxone kit they should check their kit. This can be done without opening the box.

You can check your kit without breaking the seal.  DO NOT OPEN YOUR NALOXONE KIT.

How to check your kit

If you hold the unopened box up to a light source you should be able to see two dark rectangles. These are the needles used to administer naloxone. If you can see the rectangles no further action is needed.

If you cannot see the needles you can take your naloxone kit to a local supplier and let them know you are returning it as you are concerned that it may contain fewer than two needles.

All Naloxone kits have a sticker that gives the Lot Number.

The Lot numbers of concern are given below. There are no concerns about the safety of medicine in these packs and the vast majority of kits in these batches or lots will be complete and safe – you just need to check that they have both the needles included.


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