LGBT History Month 2020

February is LGBT History Month. The theme for 2020 is “What have we learned?” and there are a whole series of events driven by the national youth organisation, our pals, LGBT Youth Scotland.

The 2020 theme offers a time to reflect on achievements and challenges over the past 20 years since the restrictive legislation preventing LGBT inclusive education in schools passed in 1988 was finally repealed in Scotland in 2001. The rest of the UK followed in 2003.

Section 28 prevented the “promotion of homosexuality” in schools which meant LGBT+ identities could not be discussed within classes and also prevented libraries from stocking literature or films with LGBT themes. 

Here at Crew we will be drawing on the theme offered by the Proud Trust of poetry and inviting our staff and volunteers to reflect on the past two decades and the changes that they have witnessed.

This month long celebration of LGBT+ identities will finish off with Purple Friday – a day when we are all invited to wear purple and raise money for LGBT Youth Scotland and the amazing work they do to support LGBT+ young people across the country.  You can find out more about getting involved in Purple Friday here.

Find out more about LGBT History Month events taking place near you –

Stay tuned for more updates on activities in our drop-in and ways you can get involved in Crew x LGBT History Month.