Festival Tips!

As festival season kicks into full swing we would like highlight some top tips for staying safe while still having fun!

  • Make sure you have planned your way home in advance and have enough money left over to get there if your original plans go wrong
  • Try to be well rested, well fed and hydrated before going – you will be using up a lot of energy having fun!
  • If you get to the entrance and realise that you need to use the amnesty bin – do that. Avoid swallowing all your drugs!
  • Dose low and go slow. This goes for all drugs – including alcohol
  • Agree on a meeting point if you get lost – phones run out of battery, people get distracted and dancing can wash you into the sea of the crowd. If you have a set meeting point and time then it makes it easier to stick together and stay safe
  • Send timestamps with your text messages – that way you know when your pals were in the spot they said they are. No more missing each other
  • Write important numbers down on the back of your wristband

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