Drugs and Diabetes

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Today we launch our brand new resource on diabetes and drugs. This 16 page A5 booklet is available to download on our website or to order. You can also pop by our drop-in and pick up a copy.

All drug use has it’s risks but we know that many people will take drugs, and for people who live with diabetes the risks of drugs can be greater. The guide was written in collaboration with a friend of Crew who is a PhD in neuroscience,  immunology and pharmacology, experts in the field of club drug use and of course young people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Guide


Drugs and diabetes

We understand that managing diabetes can be tricky. We also discovered that finding information about how to reduce the risks should you choose to take drugs was also difficult.

This resource is not intended to replace medical advice and we would hope that anyone living with any medical condition would research the impact that taking any drugs would have. The booklet is a starting point to help people think about the choices they make and reduce the risk wherever possible.

We have also included information for the friends of people who have diabetes so that they can better understand the risks of drugs and what to do to help a person with diabetes in an emergency situation.

Download the resource here