Drug Trend Report 2022-2023

The report is split into three parts:

Part 1 – Drug Trends

In Part 1 we discuss local, national and international trends.

Part 2 – Drug-related Deaths

In this part we take a deep dive through the statistics for drug-related deaths in Scotland and give context to the devastating figures.

There were 1,051 drug-related deaths in Scotland in 2022. Of the people who’s deaths were recorded, 80% had more than one drug in their body. Deaths related to cocaine, where it was the only drug implicated, have increased by 225% since 2020-21 (from 16 to 52).


Part 3 – Conclusions

In this section we highlight some valuable projects and initiatives which are currently underway in Scotland. We also explore some key issues around the current landscape of drug policy, legislation and support for this work.

Download the report here. 

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