Creative Calm

Got that Friday feeling or just feeling frazzled? We have a little weekend treat for you in the form of some Crew themed colouring pages.

We are lucky to have Emily Lowe as a Crew volunteer – Emily is also an illustrator and has made some amazing art for us to share with you. Inspired by our friends at Unity in the Netherlands, we thought it would be a great idea to offer some colouring pages to help create some calming vibes.

Colouring books have been shown to relieve stress and reduce feelings of anxiety. When taking time to colour in, it’s a great opportunity to switch your focus from anything that is causing uncomfortable feelings and express yourself.

You can download a printable version of the colouring pages here : Colouring Book by Emily Lowe.

If you download the colouring pages and want to share your creations then we’d love to see them – pop them on Twitter or Instagram and tag us in your pictures!

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You can find more of Emily’s work on Instagram here.

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