Cocaine resource

With cocaine purity at an all time high and cocaine related hospital admissions in Scotland having doubled in the past year, we thought it was important to release an in-depth harm reduction resource on cocaine.

Our team have been working hard on this resource for the past few months and hope that you will find the range of content informative and useful.

We’ve packed in information on the effects, risks, how to reduce harm, dependency and withdrawal. We’ve also covered topics like sleep and debt management, healthy eating and how to access support in Scotland.

Download a copy of the resource here or get in touch with to order a batch of the booklets for your service.

1-49 copies – £1.00 per copy

50-99 copies – £0.80 per copy

100-499 copies – £0.60 per copy

500+ copies  £0.50 per copy

Please note the above prices do not include the costs of postage and packing. 

Cocaine Resource Download

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