Cannabis Resource

Today we launch our new cannabis resource! This in-depth booklet covers different types of cannabis products, routes of administration, dealing with the munchies and much more.

Cannabis is the most commonly used controlled drug in the UK. It is a plant that contains hundreds of different compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabis may make you feel happy, calm and giggly. Some people find that they are more creative and introspective (thoughtful). They may also feel sexually aroused and more connected to the people they are with.  Other effects can include feeling anxious, paranoid, hungry, sleepy and withdrawn (not feeling like socialising or talking). Often people report a reduction in motivation levels. 

According to the 2020 European Drug Report from the European Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, “cannabis resin and herb now contain on average about twice as much THC as they did just a decade ago”. According to that same report, an estimated 15% of young adults aged 15-34 have used cannabis within the last year.

The booklet is available for free download here: cannabis resource. For a small cost you can order print copies for your service – please email


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50-99 copies – £0.80 per copy

100-499 copies – £0.60 per copy

500+ copies  £0.50 per copy

Please note the above prices do not include the costs of postage and packing. 

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